Chanson D'Amour (...!) :- Love Song (...!)

Love song, hysteria of the moment, screen, novel, all the time
Some small, some heavy, some true, some others
That's too much, let's call it a day
It trickles down from every magazine
It sticks to the fingers, it sticks to the heart
It's disgusting
Honestly, who could mention one
Just one that gave them more freedom

Clean loves, the dirtiest, sickening
I've often seen some of those
Children, parents, pictures, smiles, charming!
Born to avenge all their failures
"Vulture" love, or "Window", I've seen them
But simple loves, you don't find them on every corner

Abuse of trust, vulgar, anesthetic
Pathetic thoughtlessness
It can hide our problems for a while
Like alcohol, drugs, a folding screen
But there is always one of those bloody mornings
When we say to ourselves
That love is useless

In brief, there's nothing worse than love
Except not to love
Might as well do it, that's clear
And shut up

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