C'est ta Chance :- It's Your Chance

You'll have to be sweet,
And also alone.
You have to edge inch by inch
To what life forgot to give you.
Oh you will never be the Queen of the Ball
Toward whom you turn your dazzled eyes.
To be beautiful, you have to make it there yourself,
Because you were not born nice.

You'll have to learn
How to fail, how to take knocks.
Everything that fate didn't give you
You will take it yourself.
Oh nothing will be ever easy.
There will always be bad moments.
Yes, but each victory will be only yours,
And you alone will know the cost.

It's your chance, the gift of your birth.
There are so many envies, so many dereams, which are born from real suffering,
Which give you an impulse and support you.
It's your chance, your appetite, your fuel.
The wand from which you came to pull strength and impertinence,
Which move you on a little further.

You, you're not very catholic,
And you have funny skin,
At your house, the so-called 'magic fairies'
Have missed your cradle.
You will never be a solicitor,
No inherited priviliges,
And if you don't have the qualifications to be a Civil Servant (ie functionary),
Learn how to function by yourself.

It's your chance, your strength, your originality.
You'll have to replace all the bad breaks with your intelligence.
It's your chance, not your choice.
It's your chance, your source, your dissidence.
Always having to prove yourself twice as much as the others who don't need to prove themselves.
Your power will be born there.

[Repeat Chorus]

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