C'est pas de l'amour :- It's not love

It resembles the sweet and beautiful Toscana of da Vinci
Quiet and beautiful landscapes make people wise
It resembles pictures, mild seasons, happy days
Silence after the storm, sweet velvet touch
It's a little like those tunes you hear without listening
Those things which never exist, except with the emptiness they leave
It resembles these long roads, without bends or diversions
The 'dolce vita', possibly
But anyway, it's not love

It resembles wisdom, those peace treaties that are signed someday
Just at the price of our youth, without trumpets or drums
It's full of caressing kisses, full of children's sugary words
Certificate of tenderness, reassuring habits
Harmony, understanding, reason, or serenity
Conniving complicity, thus you can express what it is
It's all these things by turns
But anyway, it's not love

Happiness is allegedly without fear or loneliness
There are lives without Beethoven or advice
Why not lives without cries?
Whether you agree or not
Anyway it's not love
It's not love
It's above love

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