Je l'aime aussi :- I love her too

We shouldn't meet in the streets
The beautiful eyes of the beautiful strangers.
Above all we shouldn't hear the voices
Of these mermaids, with their unlawful perfumes.
I didn't kill, deny, or steal.
I didn't even manage to have regrets.
When I'm against her, I'm not against you,
And when you love, you don't count.
One day you'll forgive every fact of the war.
But you never forget the effects of love.

Common story, abnormal, amoral.
Unlawful gap between right and wrong.
Beautiful and blasphemous, one and the same.
For one thing I love you.
But what can I do if I love her too?
We will never have trains for love.
No times, no straight tracks, in life.
I love her too.
And Rome is lecturing, the bells are ringing,
Though there are so many men who love no-one.'

So the Western Man is monogamous,
Do we know that love is too?
Not far from here; several kilometres away;
It is said that the "game is poly".
"Jules et Jim", and "Jeux Interdits". (French films)
When music in trio is nice,
Tell me, who over here deserves,
The exclusivity of a single life.

[Repeat Chorus]

In the low tides of the lack of love,
Bless the living with a double dose of envy.
I love her too.
Where and when, to whom, for what, apologise?
There are so many who hate at will.

[Repeat Chorus]

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