(intro) A quoi tu sers? :- What are you useful for?

You talk, you talk, it's easy, even without thinking.
The words, the words, are unchanging, sorted, orderly, classified.
Let them go, let them play.
Let them get together, seduce you,
Sensualise, move you.
When it doesn't mean anything anymore,
Swing the words, the words, otherwise,
We're going to shrink them.
Swing the words, above all don't always think them.

The words, the emotion comes;
The words create emotion.
Whatever it takes, listen to them carefully.
Structure our nonsense.
The sounds, the sounds, let them laugh.
Don't listen to them.
Just to avoid the worst,
We're going to liberate them.

What are you useful for, why are you here?
What do you hope for, what do you believe?

Some die, some pray for a little piece of land.
Some risk their lives to cross the frontier.
Some bronze and others make their skin paler.
Certain people get scared at the bottom while others do business.

But the moon is still here, suspicious of the sun.
And when that will change will not be tomorrow.
Certain people smash or plough, others heal or comb.
It's up to you, it's your turn, what do you have in your veins?

What are you useful for, what are you made for?
The Earth is the last stop; you've only got one ticket.

Some climb in the air for a little more peace.
Some like underground where they scream, where they dance.
Some check the accounts when others count the points.
Some erect crosses for people who don't believe.

Some pluck the strings, some hit the skins.
Certain people import/export, or don't take words seriously.
Some make money when others pull girls.
Some only give to men, but others love no-one.

But the moon is still here, suspicious of the sun.
And when that will change will not be tomorrow.
Some run all their lives to gain two tenths.
Now it's your turn, what are you bringing in.

What are you useful for, why were you made?
You have the light, so what now?

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