A nos actes Manqués :- To all our mistakes

To all my errors, my blunders, my misses
To all the roads that have passed me by
To all my missed boats, my bad sleeps
To all the men I haven't been
To the misunderstandings, the lies, our silences
To all these feelings that I thought I was sharing
To the words we say too quickly and without thinking
To those I didn't dare say
To all our mistakes

To all those lost years I was trying to pretend
To all the walls I couldn't have broken
To everything I didn't see nearby, close up
Everything I should have ignored
To the world and its pains that don't affect me any more
To the tunes and guitar solos I didn't write
All those words that others have made rhyme, they kill me
Like that many children unborn
To all our mistakes

To the loves that failed after loving too much
Faces and laces passed, only brushed
To the betrayals I didn't really regret
To those alive that should have been killed
To everything that happens at last, but too late
To all the masks that I will have had to wear
To our weaknesses, our omissions, our despairs
To the fears impossible to exchange
To all our mistakes

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