Dessine-moi un mouton :- Draw me a sheep

How lonely to die without being
Sure to be at least
A particle of life, a miniscule thing
Useful to someone

How lonely to ignore what
The eyes can't see
The adult world, isolated, abrupt world
And now I'm depressed

Draw me a sheep
The sky is empty without imagination
That's so
Draw me a sheep
To become again the child that we were
Draw me a sheep
The world is a sad place without imagination
Draw me a sheep
To tame the absurdity of the world

How lonely to think that
The bite of time is nothing
The dream is a bubble of life
A big good, useful to someone

Defeat, my problems
But I want to believe in the afterlife
And life is hard, always a choice
But I swear that the world is mine

It's mine
It's mine
It's mine
It's mine
The world

[Repeat Chorus]

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