Desenchantée :- Disenchanted

Swimming in the troubled waters of the following days,
Waiting here for the end,
Floating in an atmosphere too heavy with almost nothing,
Who can I reach out to?
If I have to fall from a height,
I hope my fall will be slow.
I only found peace
In detachment.
Although I would like to find innocence again.
But nothing makes sense; nothing goes well.

All is chaos; off the mark.
All my ideals : Damaged words.
I'm looking for a soul who can help me.
I'm part of a disenchanted generation.

Who could stop me from hearing everything
When reason is collapsing?
Which saint must I devote myself to?
Who can claim they're carrying us in their womb?
If death's a mystery, life is everything but easy.
If there's a hell in the sky, the sky will have to wait for me.
Tell me how to go about it in these adverse winds.
Nothing makes sense anymore, nothing goes well anymore.

[Repeart Chorus]

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