Zora Sourit : - Zora is smiling

In a street people are passing by
People as you see them
Just a flow, a block of people
Faceless, voiceless
What a strange day today
Something -but what?-
Is disobeying

A street like many other
And the time is suspended
A stain, a fault
And suddenly you understand
Incredible impudence
Unusual, indecent
Zora's smiling

Zora's smiling, to the pavement, to the cars, to the people
To the noise, the walls, to the bad weather
To her face naked under the wind
To her legs that dance as they walk
To everything that seems obvious to us
She walks and blesses every moment
Zora's smiling

Words on the walls
Scornful looks
A few abuses sometimes
She doesn't care at all
She gives away her smiles
She gets as many back
Zora, smiling, shamelessly
Zora's smiling, insolently

Zora's smiling for herself
She's smiling bacause she's here
But also for the women, those over there
For her sisters who forgot how to smile
So, with her heart full of tears
With her life full of tears
Zora's smiling
Zora's smiling
Zora's smiling

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