Prière Paienne :- Pagan Prayer

Clasp my hands, this is easy
Close my eyes, I rather like it
Bend my knees, not impossible
Shut up a bit, mmm, why not

But my prayer is just for me
I put in it all that i love
All that I hope
All that I believe

I pray the Earth with all my voice
But not the sky, it doesn't hear
But not not the sky, too high for me

When I wake up I praise the day
Life always, all its wonders

I pray the roses, I pray the woods
The virtuosi, whatever

I pray for the winter, when it is leaving
The Summer, the stars and the sea
And the sun and its blaze

I am sincere, I pray for all that
But you, the sky, you don't hear
But you, the sky, are you there?

This is my pagan prayer
My creed, my declaration of principles
this is my earthly plea
I put in it all that I hope
All that I believe

I pray the Earth with all my voice
And you the sky, don't forget us

I pray human, I pray the kings
To be more humane, to be less king

I pray the eyes,
Those that the the sky never seem to see
I pray love, I pray our brains
For us to think and do something
Whithout relying too much on Him up there

Learned Poet, I pray for you
And you sky, listen to me
And you sky, hear my voice

I pray for peace, un-hoped for
The "our father"'s didn't work

And all the enlightened men
Who make war to the war

I pray our dreams, I pray our arms
But you sky, hear my voice
You sky, hear our voices
Don't forget us

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