Le Ballet: - The Ballet

It happens to you without warning
In the middle of a colourless hour

A move, a smell, a look
That sort of destroys your background

All of a sudden, this heart that had almost forgotten you
Comes to your door and knocks again
Watch out, the ballet is going to start

You don't really understand what's happening to you
First you think it's a mistake

You avoid him, and he's guessing
You're in between desire and fear

You hear yourself talk about meaningless things
Nevermind, the words are not important anymore
Because the ballet has started

He shows himself at his best, and puts honey in his voice
You make yourself velvet, and your jewels shine on you
He tells you about poems, dream, and far away trips
You answer Florence, paintings, impeccable images
Ladies and gentlemen, one step forward

A glance to his back, his hips,
A look at her when she leans and let you see a breast
She already knows his hands, the outline of his mouth
The curve of his bottom, that she secretly noticed
Because the ballet is going to speed up

He knew the codes and the good passwords
A little bit more alcohol and let the armours fall
Give the keys to the bodies, at last skins touch each other
And the time is suspended, as long as grace last

Because the ballet will soon be over
And the real life is going to start
Yes, real life

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