En Attendant Ses Pas : - While Waiting For Him

While wainting for him, I turn the music very low
It would be silly, you never know, if he rang the bell
And I didn't hear this time
While waiting for him this morning

A morning? An evening? A winter, a dawn
A spring that he will chose
I haven't the faintest idea
I put lights on the side of the roads

While waiting for his arms, i paint flowers on the doors
He will like it
While waiting for the sweet time of his arms

And I take care of myself, red on my lips, on my cheeks
So that he doesn't see when I am too pale
He must not see me like this

There is fresh water and some wine
I don't know what he will chose
I don't know if his hair is blonde or brown
I don't know if he's tall or not
But when I hear his voice I will know
That all his words will be for me
I am waiting for the sweet time of his arms

I'm thinking about it all the time, about this moment
When we will recognise each other
I will tell him how long I'd been waiting
No, I will certainly not tell him
While waiting for him, I live, I dream, I only breath for that
While waiting for a meaning to all this
To all this

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