On Ne Change Pas :- We don't change

We don't change
We just put on someone else's clothes on
We don't change
A suit only hides a little bit of what you see
We don't really grow up
Only a bit taller , just
The time of a dream
To touch them with our finger

But we don't forget
The child that remains, almost naked
The moments of innocence
When we didn't know

We don't change
We pick up looks, and poses of fight
We don't change
We give ourself change
We think we make choices
But if we scratch there
Very near the appearence
A little one is shivering
We know it's there
We hear it sometimes
With the same cheeky old song
It stubbornly repeats
Oh don't leave me

We never forget
We always make a move
That betrays who we are
A prince, a servant
Under the crown, a look
An arrogance, a trait
Of a prince or a servant
I know this so well
I copied images and dreams I had
All those thousands of dreams
But so close to me
A thin little girl
Is walking in Charlemagne, worried
And she's talking to me

We don't change
We only put on other people's costumes
That's all
We don't change
We only hide a moment of ourselves

A little girl
Ungrateful and lonely
Walks and dreams in the snow
Forgetting the cold
If I put make-up on her
She disappears a bit
But she's looking at me
And she's laughing
[Repeat Chorus]

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