4000 années d'horreur :- 4000 Years of Horror

In my castle, I lived quietly
A few jokes, well in brief, routine
The day she moved in
In the air I froze
Ectoplasm, she passes me by without seeing me

Every night through the walls in the haunted castle
I whisper very sweet words, my passion bursts out
Every night I ring out my chains for you

She only likes dwarves, gnomes
That she takes home at dawn after clubs
Witness of hugs and shakes
I can't remember what soft skin is
For I am a ghost, her gaze passes through me without seeing me

[Repeat Chorus]

I am faithful to my reputation
I give frights to all the boys
But their Cartesian hope frustrates me
More people don't believe in ghosts

[Repeat Chorus]

I'm exasperated, running out of patience
I made up the ultimate revenge
Your dream life will be haunted by my image
4,000 years of horror!

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