Samedi Soir Sur La Terre :
Saturday Night On Earth

He is coming, she sees him, she wants him
And then her eyes do the rest
She does it so there is fire in every single move she makes
After that it's a classical story
Whatever they smoke, whatever music they listen to
She lifts her hair up, she hopes he's guessing
In her eyes of figurine

He makes himself home, he looks everywhere
He's preparing his words
As she's come forth a little
All of a sudden their eyes meet
After that it's a normal story
The drinks she accepts, the smiles he spreads
Coming a little nearer, he sees the thin shadows
In her eyes of figurine

I don't need to precise
Where they come from and what they're saying
it's a children's story, an ordinary story
We are simply, simply, a Saturday night on Earth

They chat, they are close to each other
They know they will have to go out
The music is so loud that they have to touch each other
After that it's just a fling
That starts on the back seat of the car
He can see the blue shadows, that desire draws
On her forehead of figurine

I don't need to be more precise
This story is already finished
We would do the same
If we had to it again
we are simply, simply, a Saturday night on Earth

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