Petite Marie :- Little Marie

Little Marie, I talk about you
Because with your sweet voice
Your little habits, you poured onto my life
Thousands of roses
Little fury, I'm fighting for you
So that in 10,000 years
We'll find ourselves sheltered
Under a sky as pretty as thousands of roses

I've come from the sky, and the stars only talk about you
And a musician who lets his fingers play
On a piece of wood
About their love bluer than the sky around

Little Marie, I'm waiting for you, numb with cold
Under a tile from your roof
The wind from the cold night
Sends me back the ballad that I had written for you
Little fury, you say that life
Is a bag on every finger
In the sun of Florida
Me, my pockets are empty
And the cold makes my eyes cry

[Repeat Chorus]

In the darkness of your street
Little Marie can you hear me
I'm only waiting for you to leave ...

[Repeat Chorus]

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