La Corrida :- The Bullfight

I have been waiting so long in this dark room
I hear peopla singing and laughing at the other end of the corridor
Someone touched the lock and I plunged into the daylight
I saw the funfare, the fences and people all around

In the first few minutes I thought that I only had to defend myself
But I am starting to understand that this place has no way out
They closed the door behind me, they thought I might go back
I have to get her, this ridiculous dancer...

Are those people serious?

I remember Andalucia the prairies hedged with cacti
I am not going to shiver in front of this puppet, this midget
I am going to catch him with his silly hat
I am going to spin him like a sun
Tonight the Torrero's wife can sleep tight

Are those people serious?

I've been chasing ghosts, almost touched their dancing shoes
They hard in my neck so I gave in
Where are these acrobats and their paper costumes coming from?
I never learnt how to fight against dolls...

To feel the sand under my head is incredibly good
I prayed for everthing to stop, I remember Andalucia...
I can hear them laugh as I I can see them dance as I die
I didn't think people could have so much fun around a tomb

Are those people serious?

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