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  • August 2008 - Website re-launched. 12 years after original creation. Yay!

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In my spare time, I write various kinds of things.  If you would like to read a few of my poems, click here.

Around the World in 80 Bars?  Click for our travel exploits.

Unofficial homepage for Fatal Charm, an obscure 80s pop band from Nottingham. Curious? Click here.

A page of lyrics of some popular French songs, translated into English. If interested, just click.

Our online food and drink repository.  Click for recipes and beer tasting notes.

The Dark Side of Leesti - click for all things erotic and sensual.

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Thanks must go to all the staff at Sandwell General Hospital (Intensive Care & Priory 5 Ward) for being there, Kristine Imboch for showing that people should be brave enough to be open about themselves, David Braben and Ian Bell, obviously, and hoping they don't sue me ... :), and especially all my wonderful penpals and neptals (past and present), especially (in no particluar order, and apols if I've left you out) Ann Larson, Anna Gardiner, Anne-Laure Fourrier, Anu Sokura, Dayna Vickery, Emma Bellis, Jelena Corak, Jo Taylor, Kylie Kruger, Lisa Johnson, and Sarah-Jane Simms for being the most special friends I could ever have. (Cheque's in the post, BTW!)

No thanks whatsoever must go to Tim Berners-Lee as without him I might have made something of my life rather than having been living in cyberspace since August 1996 ... :p.