You know you'll never believe it, but I've searched the whole world over for information on Fatal Charm. The saddest part is that Fatal Charm fans seem to be an Endangered Species; I haven't found much at all. But as I'm sure you'll testify, this is the best Fatal Charm site on the web!

Their style was a kind of female-led pop-rock similar to several other bands around at the time; cf T'Pau, Voice of the Beehive, Primitives, etc.

Fatal Charm are no more; the band members changed musical direction completely and are now in a moderately more successful ambient band known as State of Grace. This site is dedicated to the band as they once were; one of the best pop bands to never quite make it.

I would like to thank all those who have provided me with information for this site, including Neil Yeoman, Andy Robins, Neal Quincey, and especially Andrew Woods for his biography of the band. I should also like to thank Phil Glanville, my flatmate, for first introducing me to the band.

STOP PRESS (18/03/02) : After a long time, I'm finally updating this site!! New additions include some scanned images, and a taster of the sounds of the group - on mp3!!

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